Why start a blog to earn money from home

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You might be thinking to yourself, why would you want a blog to earn money from home. When all you have to do, is find a product to sell, start promoting it, and rake in all the cash. It sounds so simple, and on paper it is, many ebayers do exactly that, I suppose. But in a ever increasing marketplace, the emphasis is on retaining your customers, for the long term, not just for a one off buying experience.

At this present time, we are all witnessing a revolution of sorts, the internet is taking over from your everyday high street, shops are closing all the time. The internet is so convenient, and people have less time to mess around shopping, so they do it from their computers, simples. Anyhow that’s why the internet is becoming a very competitive marketplace, and places like Ebay are difficult for non business owners to make any money from, as the margins are very small.

With these bad economic times that we all live in, people want all the information they can get their hands on, as they relize that they no longer can rely upon the norm of growing up, get educated, get a job, and die. No, they need more than that, people have to take their destiny into their own hands. Which is great, there is a level playing field for everyone, providing you can get hold of the right information, and do something about it, you stand a chance of making your life a better one. That’s the dream, that everyone is hoping for.

So with all these potential customers flocking to their computers, and a high demand for knowledge, internet marketing has finally come into it’s own. Blogs are a vital component of marketing, if you have tried selling something to just about anyone who happens to pop by, just like in our high streets, then you know how difficult it can be, and expensive too. Retaining your customer for a long period of time is your goal in todays marketplace, how many times have you gone around the high street, walking in and out of shops, browsing, but not buying. It must be really frustrating for shop owners, well that’s not a good business module for today’s climate. Find someone who likes your product, and keep hold of them, keep them interested, so why not use a blog to do that.

Anyhow blogs are just one part of your internet marketing strategy, by communicating with your audience, through your blog, they have a place where they can find you, if they like you, then they return again and again. So your blog is your base, from there you have options on how to convert those interested parties, into paying customers. The best way to retain your prospects is through a mailing list, so use your blog to attract you audience, and place an optin form on your blog, to turn them into buying prospects. Then you send out a series of emails to convince your prospect that your product (s) are what they are looking for, if they like what they get from you, then over time you may get more sales from them, not just the one sale, which means more profits for you, with less work. See how email marketing can make you money here.

So can you see why blogs are really useful for your business, and I have not even mentioned that getting traffic from your blog post is a really good long term strategy, for generating interest. Over time your post can appear on the search engines, when people type in what they are looking for, if your post has that keyword, then bang, your post will be in the list for them to choose from.

If your thinking of starting your home online business, and wondering if you should start a blog, then you should think very carefully before you dismiss that idea, blogs are a very useful way of communicating to your potential customers, and retaining those customers for future profits.

Hope this has been helpful,

Steve Denness

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