Why you need video marketing in your online business

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Hi everyone,

All over the internet videos are taking over, if you are building your online business, then you have to acknowledge that you are going to have to learn the basics to making a good video to communicate to your audience. The good news is that there are a number of good software programs out there, that will enable you to make fairly good videos, at a reasonable cost.

These animated software programs make it easy for anyone to make good quality videos in just a short space of time, they might lack the sophistication of the high cost video making software, but are good enough for you to be able to get your marketing message out there among your potential customers.

Here are three that you could test out for free. (just do a search on google and take a look)

1. Video scribe – Is for whiteboard videos, the video on this page was made with this software.

2. Powtoon – Is a drag and drop animate software that has more options for creating your videos.

3. Go Animate – Is the cream of the crop, allowing you to make moving & talking cartoon videos, just like what you see on tv.


The name of the marketing game is to put out simple messages that everyone can relate too, and at the same time, urging your audience to take action. It has to be engaging to enable them to feel comfortable in taking action, this applies even more on social websites, like Facebbook, you cannot just promote the hard sell, as you will get banned. You have to be more subtle in the way you go about promoting your products.

That’s why you need to start making fun or educational videos, and start posting them everywhere you can, everyone wants to watch videos online, not too many people want to read pages of written content. It’s a fast-moving world, watch a one to two minute video is acceptable, reading a 1000 word post is not so much.

So come on all you internet entrepreneurs who have not yet engaged into the world of making quick entertaining videos, if you want to build your business, you had better start getting creative, or find someone who is. Start promoting your products or building your email list, with videos rather than pages of written content, what’s that saying, “A picture paints a thousand words”, that’s all you need to know really, videos are king, and you need video marketing in your online business.

To your success,

Steve Denness

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