To make some money online you need more traffic.

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Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since my last post, that’s because I have been trying to work out how to get more traffic to my websites. After a week or so of hunting down new ideas, my brain is numb, from all the info that has passed through my head. I have had a headache for the past few days, this is because I discovered the wonderful world of Traffic exchanges. Blimey, do people really spend every day watching their computer screens, trying to knock up a few hundred hits, for their webpage.

I know Traffic exchanges have been around for a long time, and if your new to internet marketing, then this is a place to start, to get hits for your website. It’s easy for anyone to do, you just have to surf through the exchange, and after 20 seconds or so, you click a shape or complete a simple sum, and move on to the next page. Every time you complete the page view you get a credit, which can be used for your webpage to be seen by others. It’s a very simple way of getting people to see your offer, and hopefully get some leads, or maybe even a sale.

Well, that’s what you would think, if you are new to this internet marketing game, after a couple of days you start to get the message, you can’t sell anything on TE’s (that’s short for traffic exchanges), no one is interested in buying anything, everyone wants to sell something to you. So what is the point of spending an excessive amount of your time, clicking, and seeing endless website offers.

Well TE’s can be used as a recruitment tool, on all these sites, you get extra credits if you can get someone else to join the Traffic exchange that you are using. The more people who join under you, the more credits you get, until you get to a point where it’s takes on a life of its own, this is called “going viral”, and then you have it made, as the amount of credits just keep getting bigger and bigger. So if you are thinking of having a go at Traffic exchanges, as a way of promoting your offers, take some time out and have a think about it.

You have to understand what type of people are using the Traffic exchanges, they are people like you, they want to make some money, and they certainly don’t want to spend any of theirs. What I discovered was that you can use the TE’s to build up traffic, by building your down lines, it’s not a quick option, but there ain’t no instant traffic method out there, unless you have bags of cash to throw at it. By using your head, over time you can build up some serious traffic on the Traffic exchanges, once you have the traffic, then you stand a great chance of making some serious money online.

Here is the best part to my story, would you agree that the most common problem for any new online marketer is cash flow. People want to make more money online, because they don’t have much money left, after they have paid their bills. Getting success online takes lots of time, and some money, so when the results of their efforts has not paid off in the short-term, they give up and walk away from their internet dream. So for any new marketer to last long enough to start to make money online, they need cash pretty much straight away, to fund their online project.

I came across this system, while I was on the Traffic exchanges, that does just that. It’s a system that builds your down lines on the Traffic exchanges, at the same time, you get paid every time you sign up new people to this system. So by using the TE’s to promote this system, you can build up your traffic, and get paid for it at the same time. Neat don’t you think, getting paid to surf is much better than just sitting there watching endless websites, with only hope as your friend.

And you can get more info on this FREE getting paid to surf system right here.

It takes a lot of effort in all traffic generating tactics, whatever your strategy is, that’s one thing I have found out. This internet marketing journey is going to take a lot of effort, and the road looks a long one, but I am motivated to keep on moving forward, and so should you be. The internet is only going to get more popular as the years go on, and there are plenty of opportunities for anyone, who is willing to learn how to get more traffic, more leads, and make more sales.


To your success,


Steve Denness




  1. Hi Steve,

    Enjoyed reading your post on Traffic. I, too, tried the traffic exchanges. Totally agree, everybody’s trying to sell something and the exaggerations are monumental. I decided to get more training and joined John Thornhill’s one month trainer. Very valuable. Wrote an article you might be interested in. Just click the link.

    Good luck with your Facebook conquest.

    Guy Martin

  2. You’re so awesome! I do not suppose I’ve read something like this before. So good to discover somebody with some unique thoughts on this subject matter. Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This web site is something that’s needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!

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