The Affiliate Commission Blueprint

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Hi Steve Denness here,

Being an affiliate, marketing products for others is a quick and easy way for you to make your mark online. Well that’s what they all say, but of course it is never that simple, so here is my affiliate marketing blueprint that is working for a group of marketers who have discovered a new way to build a online business.

Read through this post and then promise yourself to take action and see where it takes you, you’ll be surprised.

There are many reasons for building an online business, for me it’s all about seeing if i can achieve something for myself, a legacy if you like. Of course there are many business markets that are accessible. However for the avaerge Joe, with no former business experience, the allure of building an online business promoting other peoples products is a very good starting point.

But there is a problem…

You see, when you first get online and see all the promotional material telling you how easy it is for you to build your own online affiliate business, you start to believe it. So after buying product after product, slaving away for days, weeks, months and sometimes years, you start to realise that everything you had been told may of been a little exaggerated.

Sure you can make some commissions, the problem is that in most cases you are only promoting front-end products, which will pay you a small commission, maybe an upsell or two as well. Then that is it, this new customer then moves on through the sales funnel, but you don’t get any more commission. When this customer starts buying the back-end products you don’t get a penny, it all goes to the product owner or vendor and this is where the big commissions are generated.

Now you might be saying, well that’s ok, I’ll find many new customers for this vendor and I’ll get paid over and over again. Unfortunately this strategy does not work in my experience, eventually your advertising cost will outstrip your commissions and the only thing that happens is that you get very frustrated with your new business venture and give up. Do you know that it is a fact that over 90% of newbie marketers, don’t make a penny online, you see the figures just don’t add up.

How do i know this, well I been there and got my fingers burnt, wasting so much time and resources going around in one vicious circle. Thinking each time I purchased a new product this was going to be the saviour of my business. It was so frustrating not getting anywhere, I worked hard and still didn’t get anywhere. And then one day i found by accident a person who had the same experience as me.

But instead of giving up, they decided to help other affiliate marketers and show them how to break through that barrier that was holding them back. This is what I am now going to share with you today, it’s what I call the Affiliate Commission blueprint, because it works.

Read this report and get the back ground as to why this is so important for your business and for your future as an online business owner.

If you have been trying to succeed online as an affiliate for any length of time, you’ll know that it is difficult getting enough traffic to convert into leads and customers. And that you need a lot of sales from those small commissions to have any chance of growing your income to enable you to do this marketing thing full time. I mean it’s going to take an awful lot of sales to replace your current income, let alone create a better lifestyle for yourself.

This is where you need to be getting commissions on the back-end products, these are the high value products where the commissions can be in four or five figures. Making large commissions can give you the resources to scale up and build a real online business.

The only thing is….

Here’s the catch, even if you have the skill and knowledge to put together your own products, along with the large resources needed, it’s going to take you years to put all this together. This is not a realistic option for most of us. But here is the good news…

What if you could market products where you get commission on every product in the sales funnel, even the ones that create large commissions. Don’t you think that would help you to make the figures add up. Instead of having the pressure of creating a large amount of sales, if you had just a few sales with the back-end products, you know, the ones with the big commissions, it’s not going to be long before your growing and scaling your business.

In case you have not caught on just yet, this is a major turning point for your business, if you can have access to someone elses sales funnel and all the products, a sales funnel that is highly effective and it works 24/7 converting your customers. But that’s not all, what if there was a sales team that will talk to your customers to make those large commissions happen for you. Can you see the benefits this will have on your online business.

It makes the difficult task of building an online business a lot easier, by having all this in place, your task of building an online business has become easier. Basically you have just one task and that is to find the targeted traffic to feed the sales funnel. And the training is in place to make sure that you have no doubts of what you need to do. No more information overload, no more confussing or conflicting messages or insrtuctions, it’s all very clear and kept very simple.

Are you thinking this all sounds to good to be true, it’s not and it has been a saviour for me personally. I was ready to give up, frustrated and confused with no results. Now I am making progress every day and it’s exciting, everything that this online marketing aventure should be.

However there is only one way to find out is to take action today.

Watch this free training and you can judge for yourself. If you’ve hit that barrier and your frustrated with your progress, then I am sure this will be an inspiration to you and your online business.

Thank you for reading my post and good luck,

Steve Denness


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