Starting an Internet business

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Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since my last post, this is because there has been some personal problems that I have had to deal with, so I am sorry for not posting in the last couple of weeks. Today I am going to just go over what I have learned in the four months since starting an Internet business.

Short term v Long term results

One of the biggest decisions you can make whilst building your online business, is to be content to stick with your chosen niche market/ product, and to not expect to much from your business. To build a lasting business, takes lots of time, in a world where everyone expects things to happen in an instant, it’s the ones who have realistic views on what to expect to happen, that will benefit the most.

Building a new online business is not an easy thing to create, you’re trying to build a solid platform for your business to survive in the long term, we want to change our entire lifestyle for the better. So a short-term success will make us feel good in the now, however we need long substantial success to be able to rely on a life changing event to occur.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if nothing or very little happens in your internet business straight away, our objective is to be consistent but relentless in our pursuit of success. Were looking for constant results, that allows our business to grow in a slow but effective manner, that eventually, some time in the future, will enable us to support ourselves and our families to live a better lifestyle.

In short, be determined, be focused, and have patience, these things take time.

Finding the Right Traffic

There is one single thing that will be the key to the success of your internet business, finding the right traffic or visitors to your website or products, I am absolutely convinced of this, of course in order to get anywhere in the online world, you need people to see your what you have to offer.

The daft thing is that the traffic that you need is already out there, what you have to do is to go to the places where they all hangout, and put your offers in front of them. This means placing our ads and websites on the most effective places to achieve our objectives, websites like google, YouTube, Facebook, these are the big three, but there are many many more sites out there. Go to where the traffic already exist, search engines, social media, video websites, and be creative with your marketing campaigns, you want to standout from the crowd, and it’s a fairly big crowd if you’re in the “make money online” market. But don’t let that put you off, competition means there are plenty of profits to be made, you just have to give better value to your customers, than your competitors.

As I have said before, depending on whatever your niche market is, will determine who you should target with your products, spend time on learning what type of people need your products. Once you know who wants your products, then find out where they hangout online, and then focus your marketing efforts in that area.

In summary, finding your customers for your business are already online, you just have to go to where they are, and sell them the products that they are looking for to solve their problem. But most of all, be creative, think outside the box, and tap into the online traffic that are looking for your niche products.

Starting an internet business is a long term effort, be relaxed about what happens in the beginning, it’s a marathon not a sprint, focus in on what works and what don’t, learn from it, and move on. Eventually you will see results, and you can build upon that in the future. Some people get success quickly, for others it takes longer, the point is, it does not matter what is happening to others, just worry about your business, and focus on that. It’s worth reminding people, that the ones that are in a hurry for success, and nothing happens, are the ones that never make a dime online, and end up losing their shirt.

To our success,

Steve Denness


  1. Hi, Steve. I just dropped by to look at your blog, as I have recently joined the iPro Partners program. Like yourself, I am of advanced age, having been retired for 3 years now, and like yourself, I live in the UK, in the West Midlands. This is my first serious attempt at making money on line, and I was thrilled to hear your comments about your sales on the Youtube video.

    Let’s hope the success continues!! Norman

    1. Hello Norman, Thanks for dropping by, yes this is my first real attempt at online marketing too. I don’t know how much knowledge you have on internet marketing, but if your are like me, then it’s best to take in all the training that Dean offers, before spending any serious cash on marketing. The free methods are useful for a long term strategy, as those methods will need time and lots of effort. Paid advertising is a minefield, it’s easy to waste money, that’s why we have a list of resources to use, mind you the solo list must be taking a battering with so many new people joining, shop around for the best value for your money, and test everything you do.

      Glad to have you aboard, this coaching program does work, but you have to take your time and not run before you can walk, or it will empty your pockets fast. I wish you all the best in your new online venture, good luck.

      Steve Denness

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