Is Social Marketing going to pay the bills

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Hi Everyone,

Social marketing is where the big profits are in online marketing, well, that’s what we are all told by all the big boys in the business. But is it all what it is cracked up to be, and can the little man with a limited budget, really get any where with their internet business, through social marketing.

There are an endless amount of social websites around, for the marketer to work their magic on, but the big one is Facebook, with over a billion people having an account (half of those log into their accounts on a daily basis), it’s the obvious place to target your marketing efforts. But is it going to produce the results that we all want, and is it cheaper than other marketing avenues.

In case you’re not aware of this fact in Internet marketing, it does not matter what product or service you are trying to sell, to get results you have to place your ad in front of the right people, people who have an interest in what you are promoting. In the make money online market, it’s essential, you have to know who you are targeting in your ads. Don’t get tricked into thinking, that you just place an ad in front of people and you’ll start selling your stuff, you’ll just be wasting your time. If it was that easy, the failure rate of online marketers wouldn’t be so high, it would be the other way round. You have to target your ads to the most likely type of people you can possibly can, and that’s why marketers love Facebook.

One of the benefits of Facebook (or any other social website) is that people just love to communicate with others, well that’s what a social website is there for right. People drop their guard, when communicating with friends, and that’s the beauty of these websites. Facebook and the rest of these websites, collect the data, and I mean everything, and then target you with ads that are connected to whatever you might have shown an interest in. That’s why Internet marketers want to place ads on Facebook.

It’s a dream for any marketer to be able to target all their ads to just the right kind of people that they think will be interested in their product or service. With Facebook you can really target people of your choice,

Countries, Cities, Towns, Postcodes, Male, Female, age groups, Occupation, interest, FB groups, target keywords, just use your imagination, it’s incredible how targeted your ad can be. Believe me you will not run out of ideas of whom to target your ads towards, but will you make money doing it.

If you’re in this fascinating game they call internet marketing, then you would have been bombarded with emails, from the so-called experts telling you use this in your FB advertising, from PDF’s to the latest software, there are loads of these products out there competing to get our money. So these people are making money from Facebook, but not directly, no, from us marketers trying to make profits from FB, so we are on the back foot from the start, if we take these experts advice, you would have spent a ton of dollars before you even attempt to do your own advertising campaign.

Right, you have decided that FB advertising is what you need for your online business, and your ready to give it a go, I mean there are tons of marketers telling the rest of us, that they are making a killing with FB, so it’s time to give it a go. Well the first thing you need to do is to read up on the rules for FB advertising, it’s not straight forward, certain ads are not allowed, all your ads will have to be approved first, before they go live. Take a visit here to read up on Facebook advertising rules, it’s a good place to start.

The beauty of FB is that you don’t need a website of your own to start marketing a product, if you’re an affiliate in Clickbank, JVZoo, or any other affiliate program, you can take out ads on FB and make profits. Plus with a FB account you can start a Fan page, and use this as your website to promote products. Start your own Fan page here.

Fan pages is where most people start, having a good-looking FB fan page is all the rage, and why should you be any different, it’s all part of your branding for your internet business. Just like having a twitter account, YouTube channel, and your own blog, you can connect them all together, to create a sound platform for your online business. Potential customers like to see that you are serious about your biz, and are more likely to respond to whatever you wish them to do,with a professional look to your biz.

Anyhow back to FB, once you have your fan page in place, it’s time to go out get some targeted people to become fans of your page, a fan page is nothing without a good number of “Likes” on your page. Just like in real life, people tend to follow a crowd, if you have no people following you, then you’ll find it hard to succeed. The question is how to get those vital first couple of hundred likes.

Being an internet marketer you always have two options available to you for driving traffic to whatever web page your trying to promote. The “free” way or the “paid” route, building up a following on FB using the free way will be the long term route, because it when doing it for free in terms of no money paid, then you pay in terms of time. Your always going to have to put in the hours, to get anywhere, however if your on a tight budget, then you have no alternative. The free route means you have to get active, posting new content, searching out your targeted buyers, making friends, eventually you should be able to build up some “likes” on your page. The key is to try to post something on your page that will go viral on FB, and explode your followers.

The paid route is for instant results, but be aware that it’s no guarantee that you will be successful, you have to take it slowly, and test everything out first before you spend a ton of cash. Here is an example of how paying for “likes” on a fan page backfired.

A few weeks back I set up a new fan page, it took my a while to get it how I wanted, I had no “likes” on my page, so I went to to buy some fast “likes” for my new fan page, just like other marketers do. I paid for my gig at Fiverr, and was pretty pleased with myself that I was about to get a few hundred “likes” on my page in a couple of days, fast results. Unfortunately what I didn’t realize was where the “likes” to my new fan page was coming from. In about 36 hrs, the “likes” started coming in, one hundred, two hundred, three, four, five, blimey I only paid for a couple of hundred likes, I have over five hundred of them, wow. The best thing was they were all actual real people liking my page, but there was a problem, all of the people liking my page were from Arab countries, and it didn’t stop until it reached nearly seven hundred likes.

Well having seven hundred likes was great but having seven hundred people from Arab countries was not, my target market is in the US, UK, Aust, Canada, this was a disaster for my page, I couldn’t market it at all. In the end I decided to delete the Fan page, even then, when I tried to delete it, a FB message told me I would have to wait 14 days before the page could be deleted. The page is gone now, but remember paid cheap traffic is not the best route to take for marketing online.

So then I decided to have a go at Facebook advertising with my blog fan page, FB have an easy method for driving “likes” to your page through their own advertising, it was fairly easy to set up, and bang, my own ad was going live. I only placed ten bucks into my budget, as I wanted to see how it all went. The ad campaign lasted only for two days, and I used targeted “keywords” to find my target audience. After two days my ten bucks got me six likes on my page. That’s a cost of 1.66 dollars per like, not the result I was looking for. I have read articles that say you can get your FB likes for around 5-8 cents a “like”, not the huge cost of over a dollar a “like”. Anyhow that was my first test, and I was not impressed, I can advertise on Google for less than that (well in some niches you can), so you see it’s not as easy as it may seem.

Facebook is an important advertising medium for all online marketers, with so many people visiting their page every day, you have to consider FB ads, but my point that I am trying to get across is that, it takes time to learn how FB can be a cost-effective way for you to grow your business. It’s early days for myself, in May of this year I didn’t know a thing about online marketing, I have learnt so much in a short time, and that’s what’s great about building an online business, you always have something new to find out about. But as for my Facebook marketing I still have a lot to learn, but I am keen to find a way, I think Facebook, and all those other social media sites are the future for Internet marketers.

To answer the question, “Is social marketing going to pay the bills”, well not for me at this time, but I am hopeful for the future.

To your success,

Steve Denness

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