Simplicity the key to online marketing business

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Hi Online marketers,

Whether you have been trying to build your own online marketing business for a while, with little success or you are looking for an outlet to start your own online marketing business. There is one factor that is key to how your business may fair. Simplicity is the key to online marketing success, so many people trying to build their online business get bogged down with elements that are not really relevant to what they are trying to achieve.

If you look at what i tried to achieve in the past as a kind of case study, then I think it may show how it is easy to get wrapped up in a complicated web of information. This eventually only brings confusion, leading to actions that steer you away from actually achieving what you had set out to do in the first place. It’s frustrating and very time consuming, eventually you begin to lose faith in why you started the venture in the first place.

It all started with some simple searches on Google to try and find some way of making an income for myself, although i had a job, I have always had this craving inside to want to bulid my own business. Eventually I started coming across the sales pages of the “make money online” stuff, the lure of their sales copy made everything seem like a piece of cake. “Yes, I can do that ” I thought to myself, all I need is a computer and a bit of get up and go, I have both so lets get started.

Being a complete newbie I was being naive and not realising that this path i was about to walk down, or even stumble down was going to become a big part of my life, which was going to lead to life changing events. I was just looking for an easier way to earn an income to make my life a bit more meaningful, with something to show for my existence.

I don’t know about you, but I am the type of person who once I make my mind up to do something, I go full steam ahead and jump right in. So in i go, purchasing my first marketing product with high expectations that this was the start of me doing something for myself and i was dammed sure i was going to make it work. I guess that is how all newbies feel, your intentions are all good, but your unaware and naive of what is around the corner.

To be fair the product I bought did have some value in it, however I didn’t know that at the time and after several months of purchasing tools to do the job and working on getting some traffic i had not made a dime, spent a fair sum and given a ton of my time in achieving nothing. Not a lot of traffic and it certainly wasn’t targeted that’s for sure. No sales, nothing, now you would think that most people in their right mind would now stop and put all that time and money down to expeirence. But not me, I must be pig headed, this made me more determined and I was going to carry on whatever.

Over the next year or so I had become like many others marketing newbies, buying all kinds of different products and services all to no effect. I was busy but not effective, concentrating on things that did not bring me any closer to making a breakthrough.

I was forever changing my web pages, editing emails and just trying to get everything perfect before I would try some advertising. I suppose I was not confident enough to just get my content out there, it had to be perfect. This is a mistake that had taken up a lot of my time, without moving my online business forward.

As for all the marketing products that i have bought, most of them just sit on my hard drive and although i had good intentions at the time i bought them, they have not really done anything towards building my online marketing business. So I refer back to the begining of this post, if you are thinking of starting your own online marketing business or maybe you have already made some of the same mistakes that i have and you are a little disillusioned with your progress so far.

Don’t beat yourself up to much, I think the buying of unlimited products and putting in endless hours is just a learning curve that has to take place in order to get a better understanding the details of what is required to build your online marketing business. I know it is frustrating but nessesary for you to focus on what you actually need to do to start to make your breakthrough online.

If you are just starting out then the best advice I can give you is to not to keep changing direction from one program to another, find a program or product that you can fully focus on and stick to it, preferably with a mentor who can teach you how to build an online marketing business that will be solid and substainable for the future.

This will help to focus in on what is important to you and what you need to do for your business right now. I have been lucky, although i have spent a lot of time and money on other products, chasing online success, i now have a really good mentor who cares about my success and is motivated to help me have a proper online business with simple to understand methods.

I throughly recommend that you too use a mentor if your serious about building your own online business, when you go through all the conflicting information online, there is only one thing that will happen and that is you’ll end up frustrated and confused of what you need to do, a mentor will clarify what is important to your business with easy simple steps that will allow you to become successful.

If I could of found a proper mentor right from the begining, I would of saved myself a lot of frustration, as well as the cost. Hopefully you will have understood what i have been trying to say, you don’t need to make building your online marketing business complicated, get a mentor who knows what they are talking about and learn from them.

You can discover more information right here.

To your success,

Steve Denness

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