Sales Funnel Strategy – Buyers Equal Opportunity!

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Hi Everyone,

For the last two post we have looked at what might be a good sales funnel strategy for our sales leads in regard to the start of the sales process. That’s only the beginning, if you want to make the best profits for your online business, then the way you treat your new customer after they first purchase something from you, will determine your future as an internet marketer.

If you have been doing the online marketing thing, for a while, you will have realized that it’s hard work finding new sales leads to put into your sales funnel. So it makes sense that any new customer that becomes a buyer of your products, should be looked after by you. This is where you can potentially make more sales and really start to increase your profits.

Sales Funnel Strategy

1. Send targeted traffic to your squeeze page.

2. Offer your new sales lead a low value product to find out if they are instant buyers, if not send niche related emails to entice your sales lead and send them back to your first offer.

3. The sales lead does buy your low value product.

4. What now !

The first thing I want to talk about is OTO’s or One Time Offers, every internet marketer uses the OTO, to up sell another related product to their new customer, problem is the idea of the One Time Offer is so over used now, instead of one new offer, it’s three, or even 6, yes, 6 one time offers was offered to me a while back when I purchased one of their products. I got so fed up with new offer after new offer being put in front of me, I almost cancelled the product that I actually bought, it was a BIG turnoff for me as a buyer.

Note: Make sure your OTO complements (Adds value) to the product you have just sold to your new customer.

Maybe it’s just me, but if you want to offer your NEW customer numerous offers then that’s up to you, it’s your business, but in my opinion, you have worked you socks off to get this new customer into your sales funnel, they kindly bought your low value item. Why chase off your new buyer with lots of one time offers the very first time they bought from you. I think one OTO for your first product is good, the buyer expects another offer to be put in front of them, and it won’t put them off.

You should now place your new buyer onto a different list on your autoresponder, they should go onto what is called “your buyers” list. Remember your initial autoresponder list was for new Sales Leads, and you will continue to send them emails to try to sell them your first low value product.

Now your new “buyer” should be sent to a new list where your job is to sell them niche related products of higher value, leading them gradually to a high-priced product at the very end of your sales funnel. This is the standard sales funnel strategy, used by the very successful internet marketers. It’s the high ticket items that make these very successful marketers their big profits.

Note: Build a relationship with your customers, get them to like and trust what you have to offer, then sell them more valuable products.




So here’s how your funnel should look like,

Sales Funnel Strategy

1. Send targeted traffic to your squeeze page.

2. Offer your new sales lead a low value product to find out if they are instant buyers, if not send niche related emails to entice your sales lead and send them back to your first offer.

3. The sales lead does buy your low value product, with one One Time Offer.

4. Customer joins your “Buyers” list

5. Send them interesting niche related information, offer free gifts, etc. Build trust with your customer.

6. Offer higher value products – Niche related.

7. Ending with a high ticket product – This can range from 100,s dollars to thousands, it all depends on your niche.


So I can hear you say “where do I get all these products from”, to build my funnel, well unless you have thousands of dollars, or your good at making these new products, you will have to do what the majority of new online marketers do, find products that are already on the market and promote them.

It is possible to find some really good products out there, with high commission, once you know what niche you’re going to market to, then get on the search engines and find products that you can offer in your own sales funnels. If your interested in online business coaching, and want a really strong sales funnel to send traffic to then this is a good place to go, as all the sales are taken care of by a sales team, you just have to get the traffic to the squeeze page.

Anyhow your sales funnel strategy should be to attract your sales leads into your funnel with a nice free offer, then over time turn your leads into buyers, and up sell your buyers over time, ending with a high value product or service.

To our success,

Steve Denness



  1. Hey Steve,
    Another excellent post, very informative.
    I take it you know your numbers now, what is your most productive technique that you use to get traffic to your squeeze page or blog?

    Onward And Upward To Success


    1. Hi Gary,
      My free traffic stats are not very impressive, it’s ranges from 5% – 10% conversion rate for my squeeze page from classifieds, lots of work involved to, as I am still testing out different pages and techniques. My organic traffic from my post are creeping up, but nothing special, but it’s still early days. Other free methods like free safelist are a complete waste of time.
      I have only just got around to using payed ads, my first solo ad goes out next week, however my colleagues involved in the same program are seeing 30% – 44% opt in rates, so obviously the paid strategy is the way to go.

      I am going to carry on testing different methods, my attention over the next month or two is to try and build up my following on Youtube, that’s why I have invested into the whiteboard video software. I will be spending a lot of my free time there, and will let you know how it goes. But to answer your question, my conversions are very low, if my main long term strategy with my “keyword targeted” post works out with google, then my opt in rates will increase because the traffic will be more targeted. As of now it does appear that paid solo ads is the right way forward, but my budgets are low, so developing “free” methods is my priority at this moment, until I can re-invest into paid traffic. If you are looking for any tips, it’s a matter of testing out different methods until you find the right traffic source for your offer.

      Sorry for the long winded answer,


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