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Hi Everyone,

It’s the dream for many people to create their own income online, they search the Internet in the hope of finding the right solution to improving their own lifestyles. It’s the ultimate dream job, of making money online, through online marketing, whilst sitting in their living rooms. The problem for many of them is that they find it hard to continue their efforts, when it can take a long period of time and effort, to get results. Today I am going to reflect on my journey so far, and what are the lessons that we can take out of this.

So in January of this year (2013), I decided that I was going to give it a go at trying to build my own online business, it’s my dream to be able to make a living for myself, without having to worry about who is going to employ me, and a way of getting away from doing a boring run of the mill job that I have been doing for the past thirty years, although recently I have been unemployed.

You have to remember I have no marketing or writing experience, I am just an ordinary person, who wants to try to create something for myself, and prove to myself that it is possible to make something happen in your life, through sheer determination, and hard work. The first four months I did what most people do online, and that was to keep jumping from one program to another, wasting valuable cash that I couldn’t really afford. Trying to find the right solution that was going to allow me to make money from my laptop.

Of course now I can see it was a big mistake, buying up all kinds of traffic programs, biz opportunities, and everything else that was sent to my email box. However I think it is more than likely that it does help you, that may seem strange at first, I mean, who wants to waste a pile of cash on a load of dud products, that actually don’t help you at all, but to only confuse, and to make you angry about this Internet marketing thing. The way I think it helps you is that it makes you focus your mind on what you are really looking for, if your really serious about making a living from the Internet. It made me become a lot more careful in what information I thought was real and helpful, and what was nothing more than hyped up junk.

So my first four months in online marketing had been a fact-finding mission, my online biz was still at ground zero, I spent a fair bit of cash, and wasted hours at my computer, and of course I still didn’t have any positive results to show for it. This is when you find out if your really do want this life changing thing to happen, a lot of people would just throw in the towel, and put it in the “too hard” category. But I have something to prove, not the people around me, who by the way think I have lost the plot, but to myself, because deep down inside of me I know it’s possible to make a very good living from my computer, you see, you really have to believe that you can do it.

In May of this year I started to realize that if I was going to make this business work for me, then I am going to need some help, I mean who the hell can create a substantial long term business, with no experience, no qualifications, and not a lot of funding. Are you starting to see the size of this task, there is a massive mountain to climb, this thing isn’t going to happen overnight. But that’s  ok, providing you allow your mind to absorb this fact, it’s all about what attitude you have. If your thinking that your going to make a ton of cash straight away, then you will be disappointed, of course you will. But if you have a positive frame of mind and low expectations from the start, the only way you go from there is up.

Anyhow getting back to knowing I needed to find help from someone who is prepared to share their knowledge with you, one day in May I came across this website that was advertising just that very thing. After watching his video, I knew this guy was who I was looking for, so I signed up for Dean Holland’s “Quick start challenge“, in 30 days I would discover the real basics of how to market online. The coaching course was just what I was looking for, I was very grateful that at last I had proper information available to me that would move my online business in the right direction.

A quick word about Dean, he is an Internet marketing mentor, who lost a ton of cash trying to find a way of making money online, just like the rest of us. And I mean a serious amount of cash, only to discover his mentor who then showed him what to do, in the next couple of years he made hundreds of thousands of dollars online, so he knows what it takes to succeed online. But the best thing about Dean is he is a great teacher, and he cares, he wants to see you reach your goals, and you can’t say that about too many people these days. So what has he taught me so far…..

To start off with in my 30 day challenge, you get to find out about how to lay the foundations of your online business, things like branding, communications, and building traffic, using the so-called “free” method of driving traffic, which of course is not free at all, it’s time-consuming, so it cost you your time. Dean helped us understand that there is no such thing as “free” traffic. However after about three weeks I knew that at last I could see some progress, and that I wanted to stick around this guy, so I became an iPRO partner, as I too wanted to show people how to start their own online marketing business.

Since the beginning of June I have been promoting the iPRO package, which is an online marketing coaching program, that teaches people how to build a long term online business, whilst building your own online income at the same time, within the “make money online” market. So in real terms I have been working on my business for just over six months, remember I started with no knowledge of how to market anything online, so when you read below what I have done in this six months, I think I can say I have made some pretty good progress, but I will let you be the judge.

Product Creation

The most important part of any business is giving “value for money”, that means creating a number of products that first of all answers the questions that the potential customers needs. When someone loads up Google and does a search, they are looking for answers, they want to solve a problem. When it comes to finding the right product to help anyone make money online, the first thing you have to do is gain the trust of that person, in order to convert that lead into a paying customer.

For this to happen, you will need a professional looking website, and everything else in place to make it work for you. That means creating a structure that works on autopilot in converting those leads. This involves creating sales funnels, sales pages, graphics, sales copy, and much more, and that’s before you have even create several decent products to offer your new leads. Now for us regular, average people looking to make money online, we don’t have the resources, the knowledge, or the time to create our own professional product. So it’s logical that we have to find other people’s products to promote online, the big question which one. There are a ton of affiliate programs out there, but most are promoting low-cost products, where you would have to sell masses of the product to make any money, the promoting cost would more than likely take all of your profits in any case.

No, quality products is the right path for success, starting off by promoting a low-cost item, or a free one, and then promote more upgrading products, leading to high ticket products once your new customer has experienced what you have to offer. In marketing, do you think it’s easier to sell 100 products at $5 or to sell 5 products at $100 dollars. Finding new leads cost the same if your selling a five dollar item or a hundred-dollar item. Therefore it’s easier to find five leads and convert these five to buy a hundred-dollar item, than to find 100 people to buy the five dollar item. What if you had products that sell for thousands of dollars, and every time you sold one, you received commission in the thousands, don’t you think you wouldn’t need to sell that many to start to make a good living, from your business.

Well that’s what we have to offer with our iPRO partner product, but the best part of the whole thing is that as a partner we don’t have to do anything to create the products we have on offer. Dean and his team does all of this, they create high quality products that convert. The only thing we have to do is to find the traffic, the leads, and feed them into the sales funnel, the system in place then does all the work. I know for a fact Dean paid out over twelve thousand dollars for one sales page, and then he had to test it out too, there is no way any of us looking to make money online, have those kind of resources to invest, but we can get access to the whole system, and profit from it, which is pretty amazing when you think about it.


Driving Traffic

The first thing that helped me understand what I had to do to start to see results online was that Dean’s training leaves you in no doubt about where to promote your offers. Driving people or “Traffic” to a web page is not as straight forward as it might seem, most newbies, like me, think that just as long as your promoting a link online the traffic will come, but this is not the case. As it is not how much traffic you can find, it’s all about finding the right traffic. You see there is all kinds of traffic on the internet, low and high quality traffic, people who look for “freebies”, people who are serious about making a living online. It’s all about finding those who are serious, and want to be successful, but also know that they are going to have to invest, in order to reach for their goals.

Finding high quality traffic is not simple, it can be a costly experience too, that’s why it’s important to have a good platform in place for attracting people to your offers. Blogs, Fan pages, YouTube videos, Articles, SEO for search engines, are all good practices for attracting traffic to your offers. This is your long term strategy for driving traffic, but in the mean time there are quicker ways of finding your traffic. Depending on your budget, you can buy visitors to see your web pages, this is fast instant traffic, however it’s no guarantee to success, so you have to make sure to test everything that you try, test, test and then test some more is what’s required.

What I have learnt in the six or seven months of my online adventure is that the best source for driving quick traffic to your offers is to use Solo ads, this is where you are “Renting” someone else’s list of subscribers. The key is to search out reliable sources of email Solo ad providers, you can do this by finding out what other users of their “subscribers list” have experienced when they bought ads from these people. Search on Google, Forums, or anywhere where there might be feedback of their experiences, it pays to be diligent when purchasing any kind of paid traffic.

Social media is fast becoming a go to place for paid ads, Facebook is the big player here, with so many people using FB you have to consider FB ads for your business. The one problem with FB is that they have strict rules regarding what ads that are allowed, so if your like me and thinking of promoting “How to make money online” products you have to be a little creative with your ads. Facebook likes you to promote their own pages, therefore it’s prudent to create your own “Fanpages”, and sent people to this page rather than your own web page with the offers on. I am still learning ways to make FB work for me, but it’s important that you don’t dismiss this form of promotion, as the targeting on Facebook is first class compared to other forms of advertising.

YouTube is another great place to get seen, if you have seen my videos they are not that great in terms of quality, they look like a kid of nine or ten made them, but they do draw in some free traffic, I am going to keep trying, and making videos, but I have to say that it’s a long term thing for me, all my videos are about trying to help people find the right solution to getting them earning income from the Internet and the more videos you can make the better the response will be in the long term.

Well that’s about it, 2013 was the year I started my online business, I have found a great partner to learn from in Dean Holland, I made my first sale online after around eight weeks (And it was over 1300 dollars, WOW), and I have been collecting commissions every month since then. It’s not a life changing amount, but it’s a start, with my limited budget I think of the many people online who have spent a fortune and have had nothing at all to show from it, so I can’t complain.

I will continue to pursue my goal in 2014, when I think back to this time last year, I had no marketing experience at all, today I have regular sales every month, it’s really exciting to think of where I will be this time in 2014. Although you maybe thinking I must a dumb idiot for spending so much time on this project, I hope you can see that even for the average person, there is light at the end of the tunnel, I am making progress towards changing my whole lifestyle and not having to rely on others to give me a dead-end job.

This will be my last post before the end of this year, I would like to thank everyone who has read any of my post this year, I hope there was something interesting for you, and if I have helped just one person then it would have been worth it.

See you all in January, have a wonderful Christmas and New year

Don’t ever give up on your dreams, if you want it, just go for it.

To your success,

Steve Denness

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