Online marketing methods for getting people to your website – Part 1

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Hi Everyone,

People are always wondering what are the online marketing methods for generating visitors to their websites, so I thought it might be a good idea to do a list of the ways to get visitors to your web pages.

Methods that don’t need money to generate web visitors – I could have put “free traffic methods”, but remember free traffic is not a free source of traffic as you have to pay with your time, and time equals money.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO – This is where you are working towards getting your website pages listed high in the Search Engines, like Google. The higher you can get your web page to rank in the search engines, the more likely someone will visit your page. The ultimate goal is to get listed on the first page of the search engines for the keyword(s) you have identified as relevant to your niche, when someone does a search for some information that they are looking for. The way you get your web pages ranked in the search engines is through the complex method of using a combination of Keywords, Links, Description, Tags, Backlinks, Content, and whatever else the search engines wish for you to do, in order to be listed high in the rankings. I am not an SEO expert if you need more info, just do a search on Google or visit this free guide

Blog commenting – Is a method of improving your webpage in search engines for Backlinks, or to help drive more visitors to your web page. For this to become effective you should be looking for other websites with the same content that is relevant to your website. Your comments on these websites should be adding value to their content, if not it would be considered spam, and the website should have a high page rank for it to help your web page get higher in search engine rankings. The more websites that have a link to your own, the better your website well look in the eyes of the search engines.

Forum posting – This an easy way to get visitors to your website, although you will need to dedicate some time to it. It’s basically finding web forums that are related to your niche or subject of your website, register, and start interacting within the forum community. The benefit comes when you place a link in your “signature file”, other users can click on your link if they are interested enough, please read the rules of the Forum before you start, or you might get thrown out for not abiding by them. Whatever you do don’t spam your link within the forum, interact, make friends, and above all make sure you add value to any comments you make on threads. For any Internet Marketer there is only one place to go the Warrior Forum, a great place to learn too.

Traffic Exchanges – Are really popular, it’s where you spend time surfing, looking at other people’s websites, and in return your web pages are shown to others. The problem with Traffic Exchanges is that you can’t sell anything on them, well you can try, but you will not get anywhere. Almost everyone who uses this method for promoting offers are involved in a program where they need to build a down line. This is where Traffic Exchanges come into their own, it is possible to build massive down lines with this method, making money from it is another matter though. Don’t use your normal web page to show off your offer, people use Splash pages on Traffic Exchanges, these are mini web pages that grab the attention of the people who view them. More on Splash Pages here.

Facebook Fan Pages – Everyone knows that places like Facebook attract lots of visitors, so how can you use this to your advantage. Well creating a “Fan page” is one answer, your page should represent your website, with articles and images connecting to your niche. It’s fairly easy to connect up your website with a Facebook fan page too, then when you post anything on your website, it will automatically be posted onto your fan page as well. You will need to promote your fan page link to get it started, you need to get around 50 – 100 “likes” on your page, as no one likes to visit a page with not many “likes” on it. One easy way of building up “likes” on your fan page is to visit Fiverr and pay for someone to it for you. How to start making Fan Pages here.

Twitter – If you’re promoting offers online, then you need to create a twitter account, not to sell anything, but to create awareness of your presence on the Internet. Find people in the same niches as you, and follow as many as you can, many of them will follow you back. Constantly send messages through Twitter, not selling, but helpful tips and insights on what’s going on within your business. Again it’s easy to connect your Twitter account to your website, to instantly show your messages to your website visitors. Remember once someone follows you, you can send them a message straight to their email account, a good time to promote yourself, or your offers. How to use Twitter for your business here.

That’s part 1 on online marketing methods, next time I will cover other methods for getting visitors to your web pages, I hope there is some useful information that helps you in your Internet business.

To our success,

Steve Denness



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