My Online Marketing Coaching program update

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Hi Everyone,

Today, I think it would be a good idea to recap on what’s been happening so far with my Online marketing training since I joined Dean Hollands iPRO coaching program. It might help people understand what sort of problems they may come across in their own online business, if they are starting from scratch, like I have, everything in this post is based on my own experiences, from the time I joined Dean back in June of this year (2013).

To start off with, let me make it clear, online marketing in the “make money online” market, is a very competitive market, but don’t let that put you off. When I sat down and thought about how on earth I was going to be able to make money from this, it made me doubt myself. However something inside of me, made me go through with my actions, I knew it was going to be tough, but not impossible. The way I looked at it was, if others can make a living from this, then there is no reason to think that I can’t as well, I might have been naive, but there is no reason why anyone can’t learn how to make money online, with the right approach and training.

So I have now been on Deans coaching program for 11 weeks, and boy it has gone fast, however in that short time I have learned a fair bit, with a lot more learning to go, you can’t become a marketing expert in that short space of time, or maybe you don’t need to be a marketing expert with this program.

Let me explain, the beauty of Dean Hollands coaching program, is that Dean has set up the business model, from squeeze pages, sales funnels, free video training, plus all the different levels of internet marketing courses that are available, they even have a sales team to help generate the high ticket sales. So what do you have to do then, I can here you ask, well my job is to get the traffic, and let Deans system do the rest. Pretty good system, push as many quality leads into their sales funnel, and let the system do the rest, and then wait to get paid.

It looks simple, it is simple, but…….

And here is where I am going to explain what I have learnt so far,

Anyone who wants to build an online marketing business from scratch, needs traffic, visitors to their websites, without any traffic you won’t get anywhere online, that’s fact. In my naivety, when I took on this challenge, I didn’t know anything, and just thought that all you needed to do was to send any amount of people to a website and then watch the money roll in. It does not work like that, you need QUALITY TARGETED TRAFFIC to your offers, just think about that for a minute and you will start to understand why online marketing isn’t as easy as you might have been led to believe.

There are thousands of websites out there that promise traffic to your websites, but in my experience so far 99% of them are useless, they don’t have the right kind of TARGETED visitors that buy what I have to offer. That makes this game more difficult, in fact a lot more difficult, it’s a case of TESTING, MONITORING, and EVALUATING everything you do. When you find something that gives you results, ramp up your efforts, when something don’t work, drop it, and move on to something else. It all takes time and effort, but it’s the only way to know how to build up a picture of what works for your products that you are trying to promote.

The normal everyday successful online marketer, needs to know how to put together products, sales pages, squeeze pages, sales funnels, ads, emails, etc… And that can take up a lot of time, for us individuals that are on our own at home, it can be overwhelming, so it make sense to be apart of a quality program, where most of that is done for you.

Time is your enemy online, if you are looking for quick results, unless you have people who can do the work for you, all this testing and evaluating takes lots of time. Your online business should be your long term goal, for me I am hoping to see this as my full-time income by June next year (2014), but it does not really matter how long it takes, just as long as you are making progress all the time.

The best results with the iPRO coaching program, is definitely with Solo ads, in case you are not aware of solo ads, it’s where you pay to send an email to another persons email list, for a certain number of visits to your website page or offer. When I switched to paid traffic methods, a few of weeks ago, I sent out my first Solo ad for 75 dollars, and made 1200 dollars, which I know you might think was a fluke. But in the past few weeks as others within the iPRO program have made this kind of cash from Solo ads, we are seeing more and more sales.

You have to be careful with Solo ads, to find quality Solo ads suppliers and get value for your money, if you are going to start spending your cash on this type of advertising, make sure you check out who you are buying from. Make sure your email ad is being sent to that persons buyer list, as you will have a much higher chance of getting high opt in rates on your squeeze page. Please note that most Solo ad suppliers only let you send an email with a link to a free offer, and then it’s up to you to sell them something, once they are on your email list.

I have also paid for banner ads, but with no success, lots of people say that banner ads are a waste of time, but I am going to carry on testing for now. Besides sending out Solo ads, the spare time that I have is now spent on YouTube, it’s the third most visited place on the net, getting ranked in the search engine is supposed to be easier than it is for normal search engines, so I am working on building an audience there.

So that’s where I am at this moment, still learning, still trying to build my online marketing coaching business, with some success too, it’s not everyone who can say that they have had made over a thousand dollars in one day online, within their first few months, and with no formal training. That’s the beauty of the iPRO coaching program the online marketing coaching program.

To our success,

Steve Denness






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