Internet Marketing Mind Games

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Hi fellow marketers,

So you want to become an “Internet marketer”, it sounds a fairly reasonable request on the face of it. After all why shouldn’t anyone be able to change direction in their life, if what they are currently doing is not making them happy. Personally I felt that I needed to try to build something for myself, something that would prove to myself that I can achieve something worthwhile. It just happened to be in Internet marketing, to me internet marketing looked a safe but interesting way of getting my own business off the ground.

Well we live and learn don’t we, on the face of it, affiliate marketing seems a simple straight forward way of building your business online. What we don’t understand at the begining is the information overload that creates confussion and what I call “internet marketing mind games”. You see, once you have made up your mind to get involved into internet marketing, you have no idea about what your about to let yourself in for.

From my own experience i have discovered how “information” or the lack of it, can and will drive you crazy, in the search for success. The problem is that you are so excited about building a business that you are willing to try anything and everything in the pursuit of buiding your internet business. This is where the “internet marketing mind games” come into play, you try all kinds of different methods that so called experts suggest, but with impatience you move on to the next idea, without giving the first idea a chance to work for you. This is what I have done in the past and I am sure that many others have done so also, it is a kind of maddness. It wil get you nowhere, except frustrated and angry that nothing is working for you, while others appear to be crushing it.

It’s all in your mind of course, the mind games of internet marketing is a serious hurdle that all affiliate marketers will have to deal with. I know in the past I have been struck into total confusion with so much information swirling around in my head, it actually caused me to stop taking any kind of action, which was not good for my online business. I know it is part of learning, it all comes from the lack of knowledge in the first place. However it should not put you off wanting to achieve your own goals in becoming a successful online marketer, if that is what you have set your mind on achieving.

My answer to the “internet marketing mind games” is to stop looking for more and more information, focus on what you have already learnt, find a mentor that you trust and believe in and shut everything and everyone else out. Follow what your mentor is suggesting and be patient. If your being trained by someone who is very successful, then you will start to see results by following their training. More importantly you’ll will have no more information overload, you’ll be focused on what you have to do and you will no longer be a victim of the “Internet Marketing Mind Games” that we all have to overcome in order to be able to grow our own internet marketing busness.

To your success,

Steve Denness

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