Internet marketing methods for getting people to your website – Part 2

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Hi Everyone,

To continue on from my last post, today let’s have a look at some of the options available for paid traffic, although there are numerous free traffic options, using paid traffic as an Internet marketing method, allows you to see how well your product will convert in a much shorter time frame.

I wouldn’t be helping if I didn’t warn you about paid traffic. When buying any kind of advertising method, don’t jump straight in and put all your eggs in one basket. Always test every paid ad, small cost to see how it works, when you find something that converts well, up your budget to suit your circumstances. But be careful, it’s easy to blow your budget and have nothing to show for it.

Paid Methods for Traffic

Bulk Traffic Buying – These are the websites that offer to send 10, 20, 30, thousand visitors to your web page for only $10, $20, $30, a very small price tag, for so many visitors. You know what they say “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”, this is the case with this type of traffic. I found out that they always over deliver, but the results are always the same. Nothing happens, this is a cheap form of advertising for a reason, if your intention is to sell something, this is a complete waste of time and money.

Media Buys – This is for placing ads onto another website, usually it’s either a banner or a text link. Of course it’s no good placing your ads onto any website, you’re looking for targeted traffic. You need to do your homework, and find out what kind of people will be interested in your offer, the demographics of who you are targeting, then find websites that match, that have large traffic volumes, so you can put your ads on to it.

TIPWhen buying ad slots on websites, don’t buy cost per thousand (CPM) impressions, try to find website space that is selling for a 30 day period. They are more cost-effective, providing you have posted your ad on the right web page in the first place.

Be careful not to place your ad on websites that already have lots of ads on them, as your ad will not stand out, therefore less traffic will click on your ad. Always get your ad placed above the fold (the top section of the web page) on the website, otherwise no one will see your ad, unless they scroll down the page.

There is one website that has a big reputation for quality, and that’s¬†they cover a lot of niches and if you take your time, you can find websites with large volumes of traffic, at reasonable prices for your banner or text ads.

Another way to find places to place your ads can be to just search on Google to find websites that come high in the search, that relate to your niche. Look to see if they have a link on their website for advertisers and check out how much they charge, or if they don’t have a link for advertising, send them a message, that you would be interested in placing an ad on their web page, see what happens, you may get a cheap ad placed onto a webpage that is ranked high in Google.

Social Media – Buying ads on social websites are becoming more popular, obviously Facebook is the number one, but there are tons of these websites out there. Plenty of Fish (POF) is another popular place to buy ads from, the best thing about placing ads on these social websites is that you can send your ad to highly targeted people. For instance, you can target countries, age groups, sex, cities, people’s interest, like hobbies, music, films, and a ton more. That’s what social media websites do well, people write all kinds of stuff about themselves, so your ad can be highly targeted to people’s needs. The downside is that you have to be careful placing ads on these websites, with the high volumes of traffic on their web pages, it does not take long to blow your budget, so you have to get your ad placement right.

Paid Per Click – The instant traffic generator, you can get traffic to your web page instantly with PPC ads. Google is the grand daddy of all the places you can use PPC ads, but of course there is a problem with placing your ads on Google, the cost. In case you don’t know, Pay Per Click ads work by placing a bid price for certain “keywords” on the search engines. When people do a search for something they want to look at, they place “keywords” into the search engine and then all the related websites with this “keyword” then appears in front of them. PPC ads also appear as well, these are the ads that are mainly on the right side of the page, and they are listed with the highest bid at the top, all the way down to the cheapest bid, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The point is most people only look at the first couple of pages when they do a search for something, so you have to get your “keyword” bid high enough to get listed on those pages.

With Google being so popular for advertisers, the bid prices are ludicrous, I was doing some “keyword” research the other day, and some of the “keywords” had average bid prices of $10 or more, for a single click, you can’t run a business from home with such high bid prices. So overall for us little guys, advertising on Google is out of the question. Bing and 7search are two places where we can run PPC ads and have a chance of getting our ads clicked on at a much lower cost.

The trick with PPC ads is targeting the right “keywords”, you have to be laser focused on words or phrases that gives that person who clicked on your ad, the information that they are looking for. It takes some learning, I have only recently started PPC ads, so I am learning all the time, but I start my bidding on the low side, and day by day increase or decrease my bids to try to get enough traffic to my offer, but at a profitable cost. It’s a fascinating way to do advertising, but can be very costly indeed, you have to monitor your ad campaigns on a regular basis. To find out more about PPC advertising click here.

These are some of the Internet marketing methods for paid traffic, I would recommend that you try one method, and stay with it until you have learned how to make money from it.

Thanks for reading my post today

To our success,

Steve Denness


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