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Hello again,

Here’s the scenario, of someone who wants to be successful online, goes off and works like mad to get traffic to their website. They get loads of visitors after working their socks off, only to find that after XXX amount of days, weeks, or months, their left scratching their head wondering why nothing is happening for them, until some nice marketer asked them “do you check your website traffic”.

The naive marketer replies “What do you mean, I’m getting loads of traffic but nobody wants to subscribe for my very useful report”, What the experienced marketer meant was do you know where all of your traffic has come from. It’s all very well getting lots of visitors to your website, but if you don’t know where they are coming from, and what type of traffic they are, how can you make decisions on whats working and whats not.

By the way, that was me when I started, I was just posting my links everywhere I can, but not tracking my links, so I had no idea who was doing what. It was only when I became part of the Quick Start challenge, and Dean my mentor taught me about how to monitor all my links, so as to know of what parts of my traffic generation work and those that don’t.

Of course it’s common sense, and it’s easy to feel foolish about this rookie mistake, the worse thing about it all, was that all of my work that I had done previously was not telling me a thing, I was virtually starting from scratch again. So I say to any new marketer that just might happen to come across this post, before you start your advertising campaign, remember to put in place a system to check your website traffic, make it your number one priority.

By checking your traffic, is to know where all you visitors are coming from, what links are those visitors clicking on, and measuring the conversation rates for each link or action taken. By doing this you can build up a picture from the tracking statistics, on what’s working, and worth continuing with, and what’s not. Vital information that any internet marketer can not do without, your one goal is to find out what actions will be beneficial to your business, and drop the ones that are not.

There are lots of tracking / software services out there, just do a search to find more information, or you can visit this site explains everything you would wish to know on how to use tracking within your online business.

There are of course free and paid alternatives, you could find some free tracking software to use, but as you’re looking to build a proper online business, then why mess around with the free option, as you will only have to change it later. As for the paid option, the range is from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. I use a tracking service that cost under ten dollars a month, and it’s doing a great job for me.

It’s not a very exciting part of being a marketer, but it will save you so much time, and energy, and help you to understand how your traffic strategy is working, along with your webpages. Testing, monitoring, and making decisions based on the statistics is what internet marketers do, so make sure you do put something in place to check your website traffic.

To our success,

Steve Denness



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