Building A Sales Funnel To Maximize Your Profits

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you have all had a great week, in my last post we took a look at, what is a sales funnel, and how a basic version worked. This week I would like to take it to the next stage, where you are building a sales funnel to maximize your profits. As we discussed last time, once you have managed to get someone to enter their email address into your opt in form on your squeeze / landing page, they then become your sales lead.

From this point you have total freedom as to what happens next, you can direct your new lead to anywhere you wish to, obviously if your squeeze page offered them a gift of some sort, then of course you have to deliver that gift to your new lead. However there are tactics that can be used to also place other offers in front of your newly opted in lead.

Your objective at all times is to separate your sales leads into two categories, buyers and non buyers, that’s it, this is your job as an internet marketer. The reason for this is when everyone says “the money is in the list”, they mean “in the buyers list”, you need two list one of actual customers who bought something from you, and a list of potential customers, your sales leads, who you try to convert into buyers, and become your customer. Use your sales funnel to separate the two.

At all times remember that once someone becomes your customer, then you have the potential to make more sales from them, this is the important part of your sales funnel, and can bring in massive profits for your business. But for now lets concentrate on how building a sales funnel to maximize your profits can be done at the start of your sales process.

Basic Sales Funnel

1. Send traffic (people) to your squeeze page.

2. They like what you have to offer and opt in to your list.

3. You then send that subscriber to your free gift (or whatever you offered on your squeeze page) on your thank you page.

4. The new subscriber is happy, and you then send them a series of emails from your autoresponder.

5. During that time you are preconditioning your sales lead to buy from you.

6. They either become your customer or they just fade away after your email series has finished.

That’s basically how a simple sales funnel works.

Now let’s look at how we can mix this up a bit, and expose our new subscriber to what we have to offer them, and test to see if they are a buyer or not.


An advanced sales funnel module

1. Send traffic to your squeeze page.

2. They like what you have to offer and opt in to join your list.

3. Instead of sending them to your free gift straight away, as above. Send them to a OTO (One Time Offer sales page), you never know, they might want to buy something there and then, if you don’t expose them to what you have to sell, how will you know. The point here is, you already know that your sales lead is interested in your niche, because they opted in to your list. Of course your free gift is related to your niche, in fact everything you offer your potential customers should be related to the niche your marketing in.

By exposing your new subscriber to your OTO (One Time Offer), if they buy straight away, you can now place them on a new list, your buyers list, that’s your objective remember, get buyers into a separate list.

Note: To get a new buyer to sign up into a different list on your autoresponder, when they buy from your one time offer, on the thank you page / Download page, at the top,  ask your customer to fill in their email address, and tell them that it’s for notifying them of any new updates on that product. Then they will join your buyers list, automatically, job done. Just remember to make sure that they are taken off the original subscribers list.

Important note: Whatever niche you are promoting in, you should have a number of products to offer your customers. Start your funnel by offering a low-priced item or items, and when your sales lead becomes a buyer, then you can continue to offer them more valuable products. After the new customer has had a chance to see if you offer value and can be trusted to do business with in the future.

4. Only after you have exposed your new subscriber to your OTO (One Time Offer), you can then direct them to your thank you page so they can receive their free gift.

Note: On your thank you page, where your free gift can be downloaded or viewed, make sure you have banners or links on that page for other paid products or services. Don’t miss an opportunity to try to makes sales.

5. Your new subscriber doesn’t buy your OTO, so they now receive your email series, where you are preconditioning them to buy from you.

Note: Don’t try selling to your subscribers in every email, give them some value information, give them more free gifts, and then send them back to your first offer. The longer the list of emails you have loaded into your autoresponder the more times that you can expose your subscriber to your paid offers. Just be aware that after time, the amount of your emails that will be opened will go down, people lose interest if they are not going to buy.

6. More exposure of your OTO (One Time Offer), and having a longer email series in your autoresponder, will all add up to a longer “buyers list”, and that’s what we are after.

Note: Internet marketing is really a numbers game, the more exposure of our products we get, the more likely we can make sales. But you have to find the right traffic to send to your offers, not all traffic is equal.

Phew, that went on a bit, anyhow, there are no set in stone plans for how to set up your sales funnel, this is one way of separating your subscribers on your list. Again remember you want to find buyers from the freebie seekers, and those buyers are your future prospects for your more expensive products.

We will take a look at how to continue building a sales funnel, with our buyers next time.

To Our Success,

Steve Denness


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