Build your list a major priority for any new online marketer

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Hi fellow marketers,

How are you getting on with your online marketing, making progress, or are you stuck, wondering what are you going to do next. That’s what I have been doing in the last week, after receiving some feedback from my fellow Quick Start Challenge participants, I now know how important it is to build your list, it’s not much use getting hundreds of people to visit your website, if there is no system in place to follow up with them, and to give them more information on what you have to offer.

Build your list should be your number one priority, this will be the backbone of your online business, and help secure your online business for the long term. That’s what I am trying to do here, build a long term business, not just some fly by night online business, and that should be your long term goal too.

We have all put our name into an opt in form, mostly on a mini website called a squeeze page, these squeeze pages have a small form on them, where we put our name and email address into them, in exchange they usually offer us a free gift of some sort, when you hit the submit button, you are then subscribed to that persons list. We then receive emails from them over a  period of time, it can be for a week, month, year, or even a lifetime, it’s all down to who manages that list, and what they are trying to achieve.

Thankfully the subscriber can unsubscribe if they so choose at any time, this is helpful, if you are like me, whenever you land on a squeeze page or website and get offered an interesting gift, but in order to get it, you have to opt in to their list, which is fair, but a lot of the time, their follow up emails are not what you were interested in really, it was just the free gift you were after. Am I right, then you can unsubscribe from their list, whenever you like.

For any new online marketer, building a squeeze page probably sounds difficult, with little or no experience in building web pages. Thankfully being online, it really does not have to be much of a problem, online you can search for anything, really I think you can search for anything. So by doing your research through a search engine you will find lots of ready made squeeze page templates for you to use.

What you are looking out for is the complete list building system, really, that means a squeeze page, set of emails you can load into the autoresponder, and don’t forget, you also need a free gift to offer, to attract potential customers to your page. There are a ton of websites out there that will offer all this to help you build your opt in system. Here is one I found which has five squeeze page options for you to use and is totally free.

Marketers offer these free packages, as a way of getting their products seen by many more leads. Yes you will be promoting their products, but you are also starting to build your business, with their opt in system, it will be a quick solution to getting you up and running online fast, remember build your list, your number one priority.

The only snag will be that others will also be using that system too, so it would be a good idea to have a go at modifying the system in some small way. Like changing the words slightly in the email series before you load it up into your autoresponder. Add another free gift, on top of what is in the original free offer, any little changes you can make, will help you separate yourself from everyone else.

When setting all of this up, don’t worry, if you are thinking that it all sounds a bit too technical for me, most of these free squeeze page systems will come with written instruction and some will have video walk through instructions with them too. Really, when you see how easy it is to set all of this up, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, and it is fun too.

To build your list you will need:

Your own domain name – Don’t get your domain until you know what you are going to be offering, then try and get a domain name related to the product(s) you are offering.

Hosting for your squeeze page – It’s easier if you can purchase your domain at the same place as your hosting.

An Autoresponder service – There are lots of services out there, but the main ones are Aweber or Getresponse

Free HTML editor – For making any changes to your squeeze page template. Again lots of free editors out there, I use kompozer which is straight forward.

Filezilla (free download) – This is what you use to upload your website files to your domain, so they can be seen by everyone.

Word editor  – To edit your emails before they go into your autoresponder.

I have not placed any links in the list above because I don’t want you to think that I am sending you to a website just to make money from your actions. This post I hope will be of some help to anyone who is looking to build a business online, and has not yet found out that, the foundations of your online business is to build your list, now,  start today.


To our success,

Steve Denness



  1. Oh yea… the basics. Thats my mantra.The thing you need to work on the most would be your free offer. If its plr please aleast put a new ecover on it. Even its a fiverr cover or just rewrite it. I like to use videos to give away or software. People look at those as more value then pdfs… just a lil over used. Great post bro and thanks for posting over at blog.

    Take care and to your success!


    p.s. it helps also to have a funnel set up with an upsell.. and if you want to get jiggy with it have a downsell also.

    1. Hi Kent Thank very much for your comment, and of course you are right, mustn’t be lazy and not change the Plr around a little. I have been doing this slowly as I go. Thank again.

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