Affliate Marketing Here We Go Again

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It’s been a fair while since my last post, in fact it has been several years, doesn’t time fly. Back in 2013 I set out to see if I could make any money online through online marketing. Luckly for me I was fortunate enough to actually make a few sales and see a small return. However things in my personal life went a bit wrong and just as I was getting somewhere with my online business, I had to stop and get other things in order before I could carry on with my online business aspirations.

Of course I still kept in touch with what was happening, although I was not in a position to actually take part. Then over this christmas and the New year I managed to watch a video message from my previous mentor and he inspired me with his enthusiasm and of course the amount of success he has had with his online business, that I just had to give my own online aspirations another go.

So here I am, fortunately for me the online training program that I bought into previously was still active and I can resume where I left off. The only difference is that things online have moved on and what worked back in 2013/14 is now pretty much obsolete. Internet marketing for the little guy is so much more difficult now, with so many more people trying to make a go of their business, the cost involed have skyrocketed and it’s very difficult to be able to make the bottom line work in your favor.

In fact the typical affiliate marketer faces a very stiff mountain to climb, that’s why so many affiliate marketers don’t make anything, in fact it does not just hit their pockets, it takes away months or even years of their lives chasing the next big thing to try and make this internet thing work for them. Which of course it doesn’t, so it’s not easy building a new source of income for yourself, however it can be done.

There are people with no experience that have replaced their full time job and make a very good living from being a successful affiliate marketer. So it is possible, but what do these people do differently to be able to make their business a success, while so many others are failing. From my experience of the past, I know a key element in online success is having a mentor to follow. We all need a little help to put us on the right path and then it is up to ourselves to make sure we act on what we have learnt.

Taking action is crucial, your not going to make a new life for yourself by just watching others take all the risks, you have to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. However you don’t have to do it all on your own, there are some very good people out there willing to guide you on how to really build your own online business.

Until the next time,

Steve Denness


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