Affiliate Marketing Meltdown

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Hi Steve Denness here,

Times are changing, the online affiliate marketer could be a thing of the past very soon. You see in the past it was possible for the affiliate marketer to start their online business and have some sort of success very quickly.

With low start-up cost and not having to have a large budget for advertising, it was possible to have your own online business that was profitable. Making commissions from the low entry funnel products was enough for any affiliate to build up a decent business for themselves. It was all about high conversion rates, people started to realise that there was an opportunity online for everyone.

This stampede of newbie marketers, purchased every type of product going to try and work out how they could join in the online party. So it was quite easy to find enough leads and convert them to customers, this was possible as so many people were hungry for the information, any information relating to affiliate marketing.

This was great for the average affiliate, collecting a commission on the front-end product of the vendors sales funnel, the high volumn of conversion meant that it was possible to profit after advertising cost.

Over the years the competition has grown, this has lead to higher advertising cost. So much so that collecting just a small commission for the sale of a front-end product is not enough for the average affiliate to make ends meet. This of course means that eventually their business is not substainable and in the end the affiliate just gives up in frustration.

The figures back this up, it is common knowledge that over 90% of affiliate marketers fail to build a long term business online. Which is not only frustrating, but staggering to think of all the effort that is put in to getting your business going and for it to not work out.

So how do you advoid the affiliate marketer meltdown, well the affiliate marketing game has changed. To be effective in the marketplace, you’ll need the ability to be able to make commissions on a range of products, not just the front-end products. Your sales funnel should have products ranging from low entry, all the way up to the high ticket products. In a nutshell if you haven’t got access to a full blown sales funnel. Then you are more than likely not going to succeed with your online business.

Why, you may ask. As an affiliate, if your only collecting small commissions from those introduction products you’ll struggle to maintain profitability with advertising cost rising each year. The cost of advertising is becoming a deal breaker for lots of affiliate marketers, just because they can’t earn enough commission from the products they offer.

Ok, so you may be saying that your using the old fashioned “I’m working the free method”, firstly there is never a free method, by using this method your paying with “your time” and believe me you’ll be giving it plenty of your time. It may take years to be able to establish your business by using this method, not to mention the amount of work that you have to put in, just to see if your methods work.

It is far more cost effective to use “paid” advertising, it enables you to test out your ideas and to find the ones that work, as well as getting instant results, this enables you to build your business faster. The problem is that as an affiliate if you don’t have access to higher commissions then it will make growing an online business a lot tougher.

If your interested in finding out more about how to build your online business with a business model that will work for you. Which enables you to grow a substainable, scaleable and profitable online business, take a look at my latest report.

To your success,

Steve Denness


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