Affilate Marketing Roadblock

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Hi Steve Denness here,

If you are reading this post, then I guess you are interested in growing an online business and why not. There is a great opportunity for individuals to succeed, never has there been a better time to start. Most people will begin with what is called “affiliate marketing” which makes sense for someone who has no products of their own to offer. There is just one problem, unless you have access to high ticket products then you are likely to hit the affiliate marketing roadblock.

Let me explain, being an affiliate, selling other peoples products, there is a high chance that the commission you get for making a sale will only be from the front-end products with small commissions. This turns into a problem when you realise that your advertising cost are high. Small commissions hardly covers your overheads (advertising cost), let alone making a decent profit. This is the affiliate marketing roadblock for many and eventually you will give up in frustration.

The facts are that over 90% of newbie marketers fail to make any progress in building their own online business. Most lose financially, along with a big chunk of their valuable time wasted. So what is the answer to this epidemic of failure for the average Joe to start to really grow their own online marketing business.

Well that’s the big question that I am sure that many would like to know, i am not an expert in this. I mean I have made the same mistakes as everyone else. Just like most newbie marketers I joined many programs that promised riches, just like most I bought every new product available to see if it would make my business grow. They didn’t, in fact none of it worked, I got nowhere until…

Everyone needs a little piece of luck in whatever you do in life and I had mine on the day I came across a website, it seemed just like all the others at first. You know the ones, someone who has allegedly made millions telling you that all you have to do is follow this proven method and the skies the limit. However this time this guy was different, he was telling me that I had been given all the wrong information and that it was very likely that I would never turn my business into a success.

This made me sit up and listen, all my hopes for a better life was being shattered. This guy seemed to know my story, in fact he was telling me how he too had failed with his online business and how it got him into huge debt. That was a shock to me, someone actually admiting that they had failed and it made me feel that i wasn’t the only person out there struggling to make it all work.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you see this guy is so motivated for success he found the way to being successful and is dedicated in helping others do the same. Thankfully I had found someone who really cares and wants to help. The path that made him successful was that he had been given some sound advice, which made all the difference to his online business.

That advice was to find a MENTOR who could show him what to do to succeed.

I was conviced and i am really grateful that i decided to take him up on his offer to Mentor me. This discovery was how I learnt to build my online business. If your experiencing a roadblock then I suggest that you take a few minutes of your time to check out this free training and see for yourself.

The affiliate marketing roadblock is real and the only way to overcome this barrier is to take a fresh look on how to make this online thing work for you.

Have a great day and thank you for reading my post.

Steve Denness

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