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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my blog, which is about all about affiliate marketing and the ups and downs of trying to build an online marketing business.

I have tried before to crack the code for a substainable online business several years ago, that’s why there are some old post from my previous blog. However I got caught up in some personal issues and had to stop my online activites for a while.

With limited experience I at least have passed the “I’ll try everything” stage and at least know where to focus my efforts to create the best outcome in the shortest possible time.

Now I am back with renewed passion to drive my online marketing business to success and hopefully help others get started on what can and will be a frustrating journey.

Thank you for visiting my blog and if your a fellow online marketer, I hope you can reach your goals and make a big success of your online business.

Until the next time,,

Steve Denness

Contact at: info@stevedenness.com